FlooRocks OÜ

Preparation of
concrete floors

The service is provided by us to ensure quality preparation and finishing of concrete floors. We offer a full range of works including not only preparatory measures, but also insulation, insulation, reinforcement, pouring and grinding.

Our specialists will professionally perform all preparatory work, including cleaning the surface of the floor from dirt, dust and old coating. If necessary, we will repair defects and cracks to ensure the strength and durability of the floor.
In addition, we offer insulation and insulation services for concrete floors. This will help to create comfortable conditions in the room, prevent cold penetration and protect the floor from moisture.

Reinforcing the floor is an important preparation step, especially in case of high loads. We will professionally reinforce the concrete screed with rebar, which will significantly increase the strength and stability of the floor.

Pouring a new layer of concrete is carried out using quality materials and in compliance with all necessary technological requirements. We guarantee an even and smooth coating that will serve you for many years.

Grinding of concrete floors is the final stage of work, which allows you to achieve a perfectly smooth and even surface of the floor. We use specialized equipment and professional tools to achieve a high quality finish.

Turning to us for the service “Preparation of concrete floors”, you can be sure of getting results that meet the highest standards. We guarantee a professional approach, quality workmanship and timely fulfillment of the order.