FlooRocks OÜ

Concrete floors

Our company specializes in professional pouring and grinding of concrete floors, foundations and slabs for apartment buildings and private facilities. We offer a wide range of services to create durable and aesthetically pleasing floors that meet the highest requirements.

We pour concrete floors in residential buildings, where an important factor is the creation of a reliable and durable base for flooring. Our team of professional craftsmen guarantees quality work, using only high-end materials and advanced technologies.

We also specialize in industrial flooring such as shopping malls, hangars, factories, warehouses, parking lots and garages. We understand that these facilities are subjected to increased stresses and require a special approach to flooring. Our team has extensive experience working with industrial floors and is ready to offer optimal solutions, taking into account the requirements of the client and the peculiarities of a particular object.

In addition to pouring concrete floors, we also offer floor sanding services. Grinding allows you to achieve a smooth and even surface, giving the floor an aesthetic and attractive appearance. We use specialized equipment and techniques to achieve high quality sanding and ensure the longevity of the floor.
Our team is ready to undertake all stages of work, starting from surface preparation, pouring of concrete mortar, its leveling and grinding. We guarantee the quality of work performed and strictly adhere to the deadlines.

If you need a reliable and professional team for pouring and grinding concrete floors, contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and offer the best solutions to meet your needs.